5K Promise Run

Last weekend I had an opportunity to participate in my first real 5K run and it was so much fun and it was for such a good cause. 


When my gym found out that there was going to be a 5K Promise Run to raise money to expand the Cancer Center in Lakeland, they decided to put a team together to enter this event. 
The team set a goal to raise $2000.00 and I set a personal goal to raise $200.00. 
Thanks to all of the generous people that donated, I exceeded my goal and raised $325.00. 
Our team leader, Linda, said that if the team reaches their goal, she would dye her hair lavender.  Our team raised $2055.00. 
Out of 75 teams that signed up, team Muscle Central placed 9th for raising the most money. Woot Woot.

We called ourselves Muscle Central Cancer Crushers and I made iron on decals for the back of our shirts.

We decided to all dress in lavender, since it is the universal color for cancer, and we were going to wear lavender wigs ( except for Linda who dyed her hair lavender).
Well, when we all showed up at the park, everyone decided it was too hot to wear a wig, and Linda wore a ball cap over her hair.  I guess I didn’t get that memo!
At least it was easy to pick me out of a crowd!

I did very well, I only had to stop and walk for a few minutes twice during the entire run. 
I was so happy to finally cross that finish line. 
I managed to keep my wig on for the whole run, but just barely. HeHe!

We were all so blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in this event. Here we are with our medals after the run. 
I want to thank the Capt.  for going along to take pictures and for always supporting me.

Also, I would like to thank the owners of Muscle Central for always being willing to support a good cause!

And if the day wasn’t good enough, later that evening I decided to go to the Promise Run website to see how well our team did overall. Boy was I pleasantly surprised!
There were over 1200 participants in the 5K and our little team had 4 members place in the top 10 for their age group and then 2 more placed 12th. 
I am proud to say that I was one of the ones to place in the top 10!
I am so proud to be part of a team that performed so well, both in the fundraiser part and in the actual run itself!

Run Or Dye 5k

We got a team together, from the Gym, and participated in the Run or Dye event last weekend.
This is the first time that I have ever done a 5K run and I had a blast.

First of all, this event is so much fun because everyone dresses up in crazy outfits.
For those of you that are not familiar with the color runs, this is where they have volunteers set up at different stations along the run to throw colored cornstarch on you.

Team Muscle Central decided that, since it is October, we would dress up as WITCHES!

I used my Silhouette machine to cut HTV for everyone to iron on the back of our black shirts. We got witches hats and stripe tights to complete the look.

Most of us met at the gym so that we could carpool.


This is the view we hoped most of the participants would see! Hehe!


We got there 2 hours early and as you can see the check in lines were not very long yet.


Just waiting on the rest of the group to get checked in.


Team Muscle Central had 10 people (witches) representing!


We were off to a good start.



Team Muscle Central finished strong!


Everyone did great and had lots and lots of fun!


It was nice to have the guys there to cheer us on.


A special thanks to the Capt. for being our team photographer!