Christmas Decorations

I love love love decorating the house for Christmas!

My tree is decorated with the different shades of greens and blues with some silver added in. I have always had an angel for a topper ( as if she is watching over everything).



I also put an angel in every room . I used to use snowmen, but I just feel like the angels add a special feel and they’re pretty too!


I always want to remember the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Savior! On a shelf in the living room, I display a figurine of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus along with this “Happy Birthday, Jesus” plate I painted at a ceramic shop.


I have been seeing lots of decorations using red and white and I am really loving them! I have decided to use those colors in my kitchen and dining room this year. I even painted pots that hold poinsettias to look like Santa suits.





But to keep Jesus front and center, I am going to display this picture. I am having trouble with my printer at the moment so I haven’t printed it out yet. I got the picture from this free Jesus pictures Website and I added the wording. I just love this!


You see these ” I believe” signs everywhere at Christmas time. Sadly, they are meant to be for Santa instead of Jesus.



I made this a few years ago and It stays there year round!



I want everyone who enters my home to know that



Kitchen Makeover

Well, I didn’t get to post my results of the kitchen makeover on Friday because the Capt. surprised me by coming home early and taking me out to dinner.

So, today we end the tour with the kitchen and dinning room makeover.

This was such a huge undertaking because we started by taking up the tile floor and didn’t stop until the ceiling was redone!

As you can see, this is truly a 70’s decor. What color did I decide to paint my new kitchen you ask? You are going to think I am crazy but I painted it Yellow! I know, I know, one would have thought that would be the last choice after living for almost 2 years with all of this yellow, but hear me out. I was going for a bright, whimsical cottage feel and the buttery soft yellow that I found was perfect.

OK, so now that I got that off of my chest, let us continue. After removing cabinets that separated the dining room and kitchen and the “cove lighting” ( for you youngins it is fluorescent lighting that lines the ceiling), we opted to keep the rest of the cabinets because they were custom-made out of real wood.

We just painted the cabinets white and splurged on granite counter tops. We also removed the yellow formica backslash and replaced it with small white tiles.

The dining room doesn’t feel so closed in now but I did have one more issue, the wall of mirrors. I hated it! Until my sister said to put my china hutch on that wall to soften it, plus that was the only place in that room where it would fit. So that is what I did and what a difference. That wall is one of my favorite features now because it makes the space feel much larger than it really is. (Is that a ghost I see in the glass?)

I have always wanted those pretty glass doors that hide the glasses but since we were keeping the original cabinets, we had to get creative. We discovered that the middle piece of the door was a separate piece so the Capt. was able to remove it and we replaced it with some of that plastic ( that looks like glass) for fluorescent lighting. That was easier said than done and we used several pieces of plastic until we got it right. But, I love the look!

I am also in love with the french doors in the dining room that open up into the lanai/pool area. I had always wanted a set of french doors so you can understand my gasp when I saw them in this house.

This is where the whimsical comes in. The door leading to the garage was an eye sore and I kept wishing that I could put a single french door there to match the set leading to the pool. But, since it goes out to the garage, I didn’t want to be able to see out the door. I thought about maybe frosting the glass but then the light bulb finally went off. I know, sometimes it takes a while! I decided to paint a faux french door and I am crazy about how it turned out.

Now, back to my yellow walls. I painted all of the walls with an eggshell paint and then proceeded to tape off stripes using painters tape. Once all of the stripes were taped, the Capt. was hyper ventilating because after all of the great work he had done, I am now turning the area into some kind of circus. Oh yee of little faith! I then painted the untaped areas with the same color paint in a high gloss finish and walla, a subtle, whimsical striped wall that the Capt. now really really likes.

The last thing to show you is Marley’s space. When we removed the cabinet separating the 2 rooms, we had an odd end that was hard to get too. You know these old cabinets, plenty of room but no way to get to it, back then they didn’t put carousels in the corners. So, since we needed a place to put the dog dishes, we the Capt. opened up the end of the cabinet, put in a sliding bottom and now the food bowls are out of the way. I do have some ideas in mind to spiff this area up a bit and make it his own, but I will save that for another post.

This ends our tour, thank you for visiting my humble abode!

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Livingroom Redo

We have finally come to the livingroom,

It was a dark man cave!

It now has a light beachy feel (so light that is was hard to get a good picture because of all of the sunlight).

We painted everything, including the styrofoam beams on the ceiling.

I love the fireplace but it had to be softened a bit too, so I just dry rubbed some wall paint over the bricks, especially the black ones and now it has that soft salty feel.

I really love how it turned out!

OK, I had to add this one but don’t let Marley fool you, that is just his toy box, he sits on the couch with us.

Friday we will be wrapping up the tour with the kitchen and dining rooms.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom Update

Now, at the end of the hall is the master bedroom.  I love the layout of this house because we are at the very end and it is more private when we have guests (which is a lot when you live in Florida).

This must have been fabulous back in the day. Oh, what I could do with that headboard now!

I wanted a king size bed in this room so back to the drawing board I went.  I knew that I wanted something tropical yet spa like and it had to match my thrift store vanity and chair. So I came up with this simple plan and the Capt. did an excellent job making it happen.  We were at a flea market and found a roll of this weaved grassy looking material that I knew would be perfect for the head and foot boards.

Because the bed was so big, I had to reorganize my closet because I didn’t want any dressers in the room.

These thrift store cabinets were just the right size to help organize my closet and they were half price so I got them both for $75.00.

On to the master bathroom. This was the last room to be done over and it was a major project.

 We had to remove wallpaper and tile both on the floor and in the shower.


 It is a small space but I wanted to somehow fit 2 sinks in there for both convenience and to fool the eye into thinking it is bigger that it really is. I absolutely love the glass mosaic tiles but because they are so expensive, I opted to use them on the small vanity area and just make a border in the shower and then just use inexpensive white tiles for the rest.

I thought about putting in the seamless glass shower doors but it just felt soooo much bigger with nothing there so I opted for just a clear shower curtain. I think this is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house.

Wednesday I will take you into our living room.

Updated Guest Rooms

This is the room that the adults stay in when they visit.

I don’t think this before picture needs any explanation!

It now has a serene sorta beachy feel where the guests can just relax.

The bedspread was crocheted by my Great Aunt so I don’t let kids or dogs on this bed.

This room is where the grandkids sleep.

This is the first room that we redid because it took a while to remove all of that flowered wallpaper!

I designed these beds years ago and the Capt. built them.  What I love most about them is that they have lots of storage under the mattresses. Also, although I keep them pushed together in the corner like what we used to call “Bahama Beds”, they can either be separated into 2 twin beds or be pushed together to make a king bed if need be.

A  little trick I did with the bedspread really tickles me.

I bought a king size chenille spread and cut it in half.  Then I sewed Velcro strips to the cut edge and now when I make the bed into a king, I have a bedspread that fits it as well.

This is the guest bathroom.

Yeap, more wallpaper to remove!

I just love how this turned out and I still get giddy when I look at my sink.  I had a picture from a magazine that I was copying inspired by, but when I priced the sink I almost scrapped the whole thing.  Then one morning while I was on Target’s website, I saw a white desk on sale for $99.00 with free shipping.   I knew the Capt. could put a little sink in it and it looks just like those high-end ones.

OK, so this wasn’t in the magazine picture but I just had to have it. It adds just the right touch of whimpsy.

Come back Monday to see the master bedroom and master bath redo.

Welcome To My Home

I thought that the best way for you to really get to know me is to invite you into my home.  We have been here for six years and have redone every room in the house.  The master bath and the kitchen were major projects from ceiling to floor.  We also added a pool, but we did not do that ourselves, we hired a company to do the work.  Whew, I am so glad we weren’t stupid foolish enough to attempt that!

Welcome to my humble abode!  Come on in and let me take you on a tour.  This was the Den, but now Marley has taken it over so we call it Marley’s room. 

This is what the room looked like when we first moved in.  You will notice a theme as we go, the previous owners loved the harvest gold and avacodo green.

This room doubles as a bedroom for our oldest granddaughter when she comes to visit.  Check out the bench that I designed and the Capt. built.  It is actually a hide a bed.  I will show you later what we did.

  Check out Marley’s window seat. This is perfect for him because he is so nosey a great watch dog and he can see everything that is going on in our front yard.

I know these aren’t the greatest pictures. The before pictures were taken when we put an offer in on the house and the after pictures were taken on my iPhone. Plus, there is a lot of sun light coming in the large window so I tried to edit it but the quality could be better. Hopefully my picture taking skills will improve as my blogging does.

We will continue on Friday with a tour of the 2 guest bedrooms and guest bathroom.