Super Bowl Party

The Capt. had invited a few friends over to watch the Super Bowl with us since we are all New England Patriot fans. He was in charge of the “football food” and I was in charge of decorations.

I immediately hit the Dollar Tree for all of my supplies. I also picked up a few things to give as prizes for the football pool.

I thought for the winner of the pool it would be fun to give them their very own Lombardi trophy, like this one.


I already had an empty Starbucks bottle and silver paint so all I needed was a little football from the dollar store.


I sliced a wedge out of the middle of the football and hot glued it to the jar. I also took a Sharpie and drew 49 in Roman numerals and then went over it with hot glue.



After a few coats of silver paint my Lombardi Trophy was finished.



The Capt. was so impressed with it that he didn’t want me to give it away, he thought it should be the centerpiece on the snack table.
I agreed with him, so we displayed it proudly!


Here are the other inexpensive decorations that I did:

The living room is where we all gathered to watch the game so I displayed both team colors in there.
I just used fish line and tissue paper to hang over head and look like flags.



(As you can see, The Capt. and Gracie are getting a nap in before the big game!)

I cut some pendants out of construction paper using my Silhouette to make a banner.


The kitchen table was where all of the snacks where placed for during the game and half time munching. It was decorated in a football theme including yellow penalty flags and red challenge flags ( they were actually filled with M&M’S). And there is the Lombardi trophy!


Since The Capt. planned ribs and buffalo wings for his ” football food”, I decided it should be eaten out on the lanai before the game. This is where we made it known that we were rooting for the Patriots.


This turned out to be a fabulous evening, fun decorations, fantastic food and a winning team!

Oh and since I kept the Lombardi trophy for myself, the winning prize was a Super Bowl ring ( aka. ring pop).


Another Silhouette Project

As I have said in past posts, we really enjoy our boating trips to Homossasa.
But, as much as I enjoy it, I got tired of hearing The Capt. complain because he didn’t have a bigger engine. He only has a Mercury 90 but he wants a 115.

Personally, I feel that the engine we have is perfect for our light aluminum boat, but, apparently it is a ” guy thing“!

Every time we are in the boat, he points out all of the 115 hp engines. I must admit, there are a lot of them. The only reason he wants a bigger engine is because everyone else has one.

I could not justify spending the money for a new engine when we had a perfectly good one, so I came up with another way to solve the problem!

Upon further investigation of our engine, I realized that the numbers on it were just stickers.


I looked up some pictures of the Mercury 115 engines.


Then picked a font that matched and made some stickers with Oracal permanent vinyl and my Silhouette cameo. I removed the 90 stickers and replaced it with the 115 stickers that I made and Presto! New engine!




That was a cheap fix, for a while anyway!

Knight Helmets

I plan to show you all of what occupied my time this summer, but in the spirit of Halloween, I feel I must jump ahead a bit to show you these Knight helmets that I made for my grandsons.

The Capt. and I took some of our grandkids to Medieval Times during their visit this summer.


They have a nice selection of souvenirs, so we just couldn’t resist getting the boys the ” Knight” collection.


You have to understand my grandsons though! As much as they loved all of their stuff, the outfit just wasn’t complete without a helmet. I think they get that from me because I was thinking the exact same thing!

So, I googled DIY knight helmets and I found this awesome tutorial here!

You can see the different stages of the helmets that I made:





Connor remembered that some of the Knights had plumes on their helmets so I had to put one on his!


Now their outfits are complete!




Their parents just loved seeing those when they opened up their suitcases (he he)!

Wedding Gift

My kid’s cousin was getting married and even though I couldn’t make it to the wedding, I wanted to give them something that would be a keepsake.
After a lot of searching on Pintrest, I decided to use my new Silhouette Cameo to make some special pillowcases. I just love this saying, as a matter of fact, I have it hanging on my bedroom wall.



I was so pleased with how they turned out that I decided to experiment a little bit more with my Silhouette . When I bought it, it was a bundle package which included sketch pens. Since I had some light gold shimmery card stock from another project, I figured I could make a really nice card so that I can add my own message.
Also, I wanted to give them some money as well, so I thought this would be a special way to do that.




You can Google origami clothes to find all kinds of instructions and styles to make these for yourself.

My daughter was there when the groom- to- be opened the gift and she said it was a big hit.

A special note: the sketch pens worked fine for this project, but since then, when I have used them for a project, they don’t always work good, they skip a lot.

It Has Been A Long Time

I’ m back!
I know, I know, it has been a long time since I have posted anything.
As you know, I have dedicated my blog, this year, to challenges. Well, with all of the changes and updates to the apps and operating systems I use, it has been a real challenge for me to even blog.
I have been very busy this summer with mini trips and visits with the kids and grandkids, I will post pictures soon, I promise. What little free time I had was spent learning and playing with my Silhouette Cameo. We still have some kids and grandkids coming for Halloween and one more trip planned in November to celebrate our 30th anniversary, but I do have a break in our busy schedule so I have decided to challenge myself to figure out all of the changes that occurred so that I can get back to blogging.
I have so much to show you but I thought I would start out with some Silhouette projects that I have done.

We went to Homosassa, FL several times this year, it has become our favorite place to go with the boat. I decorated a few shirts with HTV for one of our trips. I love the way they turned out.


I have seen lots of laptop stickers on Pintrest and decided to make one for my MacBook Air.

And finally, my mailbox needed to be updated, half of the sticky numbers that we had on it were missing. I decided to try some outdoor vinyl and I love it! ( sorry, but I had to hide my address for security reasons. You understand, right!)


It feels good to be back!

Pallet Sign

I have been seeing all of the fantastic things that people do with wood pallets for a while now. I don’t have enough room to use a whole pallet, but I thought that a pallet sign would be nice.

As luck would have it, while Marley and I were on our morning walk, I came across a few pieces of wood, from a pallet, in a trash pile.

It was not far from my house, so I picked the best one and carried it home.

I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!

I fully intended to sand the wood down and paint it before I added the wording. But, after sanding it, I loved the textured look of the wood so much that I decided to just add the lettering and then poly the whole thing.

Take a look!





This signs fits perfectly!

Photo Strip Wall Art

Here is my completed photo strip wall art!


This is what I did:

I used an iPad app called Photo Booth to make the photo strip and then just emailed it to myself.


From my email, I put the photo strip picture on a memory stick and took it to Staples to get an engineer print. I knew that I wanted my photo strip wall art to be 4 feet tall, so I had to order the 36 x 48 print. It was supposed to be $7.29 and I was OK with that, but, because it did not fill up the whole sheet, the girl only charged me $2.00. (Awesome!)


I got a piece of thin MDF, used for shelving at Home Depot and had them cut it to the size I needed. (Tip: get your print before you go and have your wood cut so that you can get exact measurements.)


I trimmed some of the white sides but left enough to wrap around my board to make a nice clean edge. I painted the top and bottom edges of the board white and then spray it with some all purpose spray adhesive. I carefully rolled my print onto the tacky board, smoothing out any air bubbles as I went.

I added a saw tooth hanger to the back and it was finished.




This turned out better than I expected and all for under $10.00!

Fun Ways To Give Money As A Gift

My parents and I recently went to my sisters house in Daytona to visit with her daughter’s family and especially to see her 3 granddaughters.

Usually, when we all get together to see the kids, we like to bring a little gift for them to open. This year, I thought it would be nice to give them some money to buy a souvenir, but I wanted a special way to present the money to them.

As I searched Pinterest, I came up with these 2 ideas:

For the oldest girl, I loved the idea of using $1 bills to make a rose. I found this great tutorial on YouTube.


Once I had my 2 roses made, I decided to tape some hard candy to skewers and them bunch them all together for ” sweet bouquet”.



For the 2 younger girls, I thought it would be fun to make them each a lei ( or as they called it, a candy necklace).

I simply took a long piece of plastic wrap, placed the candies in piles of 3 and then tied off each section with thin ribbon.


I loved the idea of making money rosettes, here is a good tutorial.

So I used $5 bills and layered them on colorful cupcake liners and then attached them to the lei.



I was very pleased with how they turned out.


The girls loved them!

Scam Alert

I have been wanting to add a wall of built in cabinets and shelves in the den Marley’s room for a while now. But, the only draw back is that we have this very big, expensive computer armoire that doesn’t fit into my new plans.
The Capt. wanted me to find another place for it in the house but that just wasn’t going to happen. So, he decided to list it on Craig’s list.

It was a $1200.00 armoire that he listed for $300.00.



I know that armoires are not the “in” thing right now, but given the quality of this cabinet, I was not surprised when The Capt. got a text from a man interested in it.

The gentleman stated that he was out of town on business but that he wanted us to take down our listing and he was going to send us a bank check. As soon as we received the check, he would arrange for his guys to pick up the armoire.

I joked that this might be a scam and he wants to send us a check for more than what we are asking!

The Capt. gave the man my name and address and a few days later an envelope arrived via Fed Ex.

(I blanked out my name and address for security reasons)


Inside was a check for $1800.00 and instructions to contact them via email.





I couldn’t believe that my joking around actually came true and we were being scammed.

I called the police to report the scam and I had hoped that I could convince them to run a sting operation to catch the bad guys. I told them that I would play along and pretend that I had cashed the check, then, when they come to get their money and armoire, the police could be here to arrest them.

The police quickly burst my bubble, there was going to be NO sting!
These people had no intensions of picking up the item they just purchased.
They just wanted me to cash the bank check, keep out my $300.00 for the armoire and then wire the remaining money to them. They are not even in this country, usually they are in Jamaica, I was told.

The scam is that about a week after the check was cashed at your bank, and you have already wired the money, your bank will contact you to let you know that the check was no good and you must pay back the $1800.00.

The police department had me report the scam to the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission) and asked me to turn the check over to the post office.

Please be aware of these things. If it doesn’t sound right, then it usually isn’t !

We often hear of these things but never think it will happen to us.

Don’t be their next victim!

Fun DIY Sharpie Project

I have been seeing lots of DIY sharpie plate projects all over Pinterest, so I had to jump on the bandwagon!

The best part is, I didn’t have to spend a dime, since I already had everything needed for this project.


This is what I did:

I printed out my words onto some card stock.


Since I don’t have one of those fancy machines, I painstakingly cut out each letter with some manicure scissors. ( hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!)


I had some nice square plates that I had gotten at a grocery store with green stamps. The store went out of business before I could complete my set, so they were the perfect choice for this project.

I found the center of my stencil and placed it where I wanted it to go on each plate.


Next, I took a fine tip sharpie and traced along the stencil.



Then I took a thicker sharpie and filled in all of the letters.


When each plate was complete, I put them in the oven on 425 for 30 minutes.


After 30 minutes, I removed them from the oven and let them cool down.


They look soooo cute on my table!


Just think, the possibilities could be endless!

I am hoping that I didn’t jump the gun here. I have seen mixed reviews on similar projects. Some ladies say that their plates are holding up great, even dishwasher safe, while others complain that the marker wears off.

I have not washed, or even used these plates yet. But when I do, I plan to put them in the dishwasher. If the marker wears off, I am prepared to go to plan B.

I will do the whole thing over again but this time, I will use glass paint.

That’s how much I love these plates!