Another Silhouette Project

As I have said in past posts, we really enjoy our boating trips to Homossasa.
But, as much as I enjoy it, I got tired of hearing The Capt. complain because he didn’t have a bigger engine. He only has a Mercury 90 but he wants a 115.

Personally, I feel that the engine we have is perfect for our light aluminum boat, but, apparently it is a ” guy thing“!

Every time we are in the boat, he points out all of the 115 hp engines. I must admit, there are a lot of them. The only reason he wants a bigger engine is because everyone else has one.

I could not justify spending the money for a new engine when we had a perfectly good one, so I came up with another way to solve the problem!

Upon further investigation of our engine, I realized that the numbers on it were just stickers.


I looked up some pictures of the Mercury 115 engines.


Then picked a font that matched and made some stickers with Oracal permanent vinyl and my Silhouette cameo. I removed the 90 stickers and replaced it with the 115 stickers that I made and Presto! New engine!




That was a cheap fix, for a while anyway!

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