Homosassa River

The Capt. and I have been going to Homosassa River for several years now just to get away. It is a very quiet, peaceful part of Florida that has not been commercialized yet. It is like you have gone back in time, to the old time Florida.

When our daughter and her family came for a visit this summer, I knew that we had to take them to our little retreat spot because this family’s loves nature, swimming and fishing.

We always stay at the Homossasa River Resort because it is right on the River and we can dock our boat right there.


From the river, you can get to the Gulf of Mexico were we did some scalloping.




And since we worked up an appetite, on our way back in, we stopped for a bite to eat at our favorite restaurant on the water.



Once our bellies were full, we headed to the springs to run some fresh water through the engine and swim to get all of the salt off of us.




We like to hook our tubes together and hang out.



The guys did some fishing, but Jake was the only one that actually caught anything.
His father cooked up the few scallops that we got and one of the fish. The other one, he took to the resort restaurant and the chef cooked it up along with some hush puppies. Boy what a treat!
This is all that is left of Jake’s fish.


In the mornings, we were so blessed to just sit in the boat, drink our coffee and enjoy nature.


This is our very favorite place to be and we are so glad that we got to share it with the kids

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