Another Great Halloween

I thought that I was out of the business of making halloween costumes until my 2 grandsons came for a visit.

The 2 year old is really into dinosaurs so that is what he wanted to be for Halloween.
After doing a search online for DIY dinosaur costumes, I was pretty sure I knew exactly how I was going to make his costume.

Since we decided that both of the boys were going to be dinosaurs, I was having trouble deciding how to make the baby’s because he would be in the stroller and wouldn’t be able to sit on a big tail very comfortably.

When I told The Capt. about my dilemma, he suggested that I make his costume be a baby dinosaur hatching from an egg. Brilliant! (I wish I could take credit for that.)

Our little mall had a Boo Bash with trick or treating and a costume contest.

Here is the 2 year old discovering that people were giving him candy!




The baby couldn’t get any cuter in his costume.



And the winner is…

The dinosaurs!


Here we are collecting our prize, $100.00 gift card.


Another successful year!


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