Knight Helmets

I plan to show you all of what occupied my time this summer, but in the spirit of Halloween, I feel I must jump ahead a bit to show you these Knight helmets that I made for my grandsons.

The Capt. and I took some of our grandkids to Medieval Times during their visit this summer.


They have a nice selection of souvenirs, so we just couldn’t resist getting the boys the ” Knight” collection.


You have to understand my grandsons though! As much as they loved all of their stuff, the outfit just wasn’t complete without a helmet. I think they get that from me because I was thinking the exact same thing!

So, I googled DIY knight helmets and I found this awesome tutorial here!

You can see the different stages of the helmets that I made:





Connor remembered that some of the Knights had plumes on their helmets so I had to put one on his!


Now their outfits are complete!




Their parents just loved seeing those when they opened up their suitcases (he he)!

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