I found out about a week ago that the Capt.’s sister was going to be in town and he had invited her over for a cookout, along with his brother and sister-in-law. 

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have been a big deal, but, we are in the middle of restoring an old boat and the garage is loaded with parts that are spilling over to my craft room. Also, I am in the process of changing out colors in my living room and I have sewing projects spread out everywhere. 

I was so busy trying to get everything picked up and plan the menu that I had very little time to think about any kind of decorations.

When I realized that St. Patricks Day is coming up, and The Capt.’s mother’s maiden name was Kelly, it was a no brainer!  I quickly searched Pinterest for a few ideas, I didn’t want to go over board, but I did want it to be a little festive. 

I found this cute printout here

so I made my own version of it and it turned out great. 



I fell in love with this centerpiece here

Because it was now the “ day of ” , I had to make it really simple. 

I picked up a green vinyl table cloth at the Family Dollar store along with some fake flowers. Then I went to Walmart and bought a green plastic flower pot.

I cut a hole into the bottom of the planter with a utility knife, painted a black stripe with craft paint, stuck some double sided tape in the shape of a buckle on it and covered it with gold glitter, and then put the flowers in the hole that I cut.  It was so simple but yet festive enough that I am going to keep it on the table for another week.
I added some bright green napkins and rainbow stripe paper plates to add the finishing touches. 

I just made my special hamburgers, great hot dogs with the casings that crunch when you bite into them, an apple salad and a key lime pie for dessert. 

No one even noticed my subtle Irish theme, 
the food must have been that good!



Last night was the last day with our personal trainers and the weigh in to see who was the winner of our fitness challenge.
Before the “big reveal”, let me just recap what this challenge was all about.
The Capt. and I had discussed with our trainers what our personal goals were and they worked us hard to try and get closer to that goal.  We signed up for 12 sessions with them, 3 nights a week.  We knew it would take longer than that to reach our goals but this gave us the boost that we needed.
We started this challenge on Jan 27th and here were our starting stats:
The Capt.    weight  217.4  lbs.      body mass 29.1%
Me               weight 131.4  lbs.       body mass 34.9%
We knew that it wouldn’t be fair to just go by who lost the most weight because it is a known fact that men lose weight easier than women so we decided to go by who lost the most body mass.
Because we had to take a week off due to my dizziness, last night was our long awaited finale.
Here we are weighing in:



The new stats:
The Capt.  weight 205.2  lbs.     body mass  27.43%
Me             weight 124   lbs.      body mass  30.83%
Drum roll please…..
ME!  With a total loss of 4.07% body mass
If you look closely at my head, you can see the tiara that Linda crowned me with.  This is one of many that she has won in competitions over the years.
And just out of curiosity, I downloaded the weight percentage calculator that is used on The Biggest Loser to see how we did weight wise.
And the winner was still ME! (but just barely)
I have to say that the guys took it well and to be honest, we are both winners because we both accomplished so much and feel so much better.
The Capt. being a good sport, sporting the tiara.