Last week was so full of challenges for me that I didn’t even get to write about it. 
My week started off with me being so dizzy that I couldn’t even get off of the couch until about Wednesday. 
I suffer from vertigo, but I don’t think that that was my only problem. I am convinced that my sinuses were reeking havoc with me due to all of the pollen in the air. 
Years ago, when I couldn’t get rid of the dizziness, an Ear, Nose and Throat Speacialist had me lay back with my head lower than my shoulders and turned my head to one side and then the other and when I sat back up, my dizziness was gone. He said that calcium deposits sometimes get lodged in the ear canal and that is what causes the vertigo. 
When I did a google search for ” how to get rid of dizziness” , I came across a lot of YouTube videos showing how to do that maneuver, it is called the Epley maneuver.
The Capt. and I watched the video several times and then he helped me to do it on each side. I was not cured, but it was greatly improved and I was able to walk around and get stuff done without feeling off balanced and dizzy. 
My valentine gift arrived in the mail and that was my other challenge and is still challenging me!  
I got a Silhouette Cameo and the software is very different from anything that I have used before. 
Since I was confined to the couch for most of the week, I took advantage of the situation and started searching for tutorials for using the silhouette. 
There were no detailed instructions included with the machine but I found an instruction manual online that explains things and also gives examples. 
Now, this brings me to a new challenge, where to get the vinyl?
As for the fitness challenge between the Capt. and I, we had to postpone that for a week because as he put it “ I am a dizzy blonde“! I was very disappointed because yesterday was supposed to be the final weigh in and I was picturing Linda and I doing the victory dance. 
Linda was very supportive though, and texted me some motivation. 






Monday, March 3 is the new ” final weigh in” date and I will keep you posted on the outcome. 
Also, my first silhouette project will be making the shirts for the losing team. 


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