Well, we are on our second week with our personal trainers and our fitness challenge. 

It has been a lot of work but we have a great gym and awesome trainers, so we are having fun in the process. 









But, we are both cheaters!

For me, the Capt. and his trainer call me a cheater for 2 reasons. 

First of all, I have been doing extra cardio during the day while he is at work. I have either gone into the gym to do a 20 minute interval on the treadmill or I do my 20 minutes of walking/running with Marley around our neighborhood. (Marley can use to lose a few pounds too). 
And secondly, I have been wearing a fitness belt when I work out. It goes around my waist and helps to draw the water from my belly. 

The Capt. doesn’t like this because he fears that his trainer is going to add more work on him to make up the difference. (LOL)

I don’t feel that this is cheating because the Capt.  loses weight so fast, that I am just evening up the playing field. 

For the Capt.,  he has cheated on some meals.  
Surprisingly enough, he is doing much better sticking to his meal plan than I thought (but, it is still early in the challenge) and he has only cheated a few times in the past 2 weeks. 
As much as I want him to take this seriously, I secretly love it when I find out that he had a moment of weakness and pray for more to come!

So, we are 1 1/2 weeks into this challenge and that stats are in:
The Capt. has lost about 4 pounds and 4.4% BMI (body mass index)
I have lost a little over 2 pounds and 4% BMI
We are neck n neck… the race is on!

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