2014 is going to be a challenging year, I can just feel it!

First of all, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do as far as my blog was concerned.
Last year I had decided that I wasn’t going to blog as often, and after the newest iOS upgrade in October, I didn’t blog at all. You see, I do all of my blogging on my iPad and the WordPress app has completely changed due to the upgrade and I got so frustrated with it that I just gave up. At that point I had made up my mind that I was done with my blog for good.

Even though I haven’t posted anything since October, I still get people liking my Facebook page. This has been a huge encouragement for me and I have started to rethink that decision.

So, after praying about it, I have decided not only to keep my blog, but what direction that I want to take it in.

Life is full of challenges and so I am going to start off the year talking about the challenges I am faced with.


My biggest challenge right now is to use my MacBook Air. The Capt. bought it for me last Christmas thinking that I would use it for everything and we could get rid of the old, slow PC.

I must admit, I was more intimidated to use it than I thought I would be! I took a class at the Apple store and that gave me the boost that I needed.

After getting OfficeMac and Print Master Gold for Mac, I have been doing more with the laptop. I no longer do our budget on the PC, I now budget and pay bills with the Mac. I also make my cards and other crafts on the Mac.

Even though I am writing this post on the iPad, I plan to learn and post from WordPress on my laptop from now on.

What are some of the challenges facing you this year!

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