Towards the end of last year, the Capt. and I joined a new gym that opened near us. The new owners, a married couple, were also personal trainers so we signed up for 12 sessions with the husband. It was lots of work but we had so much fun and got to know the regulars, that is has become a social time as well as a time to exercise.

Those 12 sessions got us familiar with the equipment and also the kinds of work out we should be doing. At the end of the sessions, we were feeling more confident in the way we looked and felt so we made arrangements to have 12 more sessions after the holidays.


fitness challenge

Now that the holidays are over and we have gotten to know the owners well, we decided it would be beneficial for both of us if I trained with the wife and the Capt. trained with the husband. And just to make it interesting, we have a “fitness challenge” to see which team does the best. We already did our weigh in to log our weight and body fat percentages. Since we will be training with them 3 nights a week, we should have our final weigh in and announce the winner around Feb 21st.

The challenge is for both of us to train with our personal trainer. This trainer will not only decide the proper exercises for us to do, but they will also make a meal plan for us to follow.
At the end of the training session, the one that has lost the most weight, percentage wise, will be the winner.

Our trainers love this idea and they both think that they “got this!”.

The guys think that they are going to win because the Capt. has more weight to lose than me and so it will be easier to drop and also, men lose weight easier than women.

Us girls think that we are going to win because all the Capt. talks about is food. I always joke and say that he will eat anything, he even ate his willpower!

So, after the final weigh in and the winner is crowned, the losing team has to wear an embarrassing T shirt (of the winning teams choosing) for a week at the gym.

I will be giving weekly updates on our progress.



2014 is going to be a challenging year, I can just feel it!

First of all, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do as far as my blog was concerned.
Last year I had decided that I wasn’t going to blog as often, and after the newest iOS upgrade in October, I didn’t blog at all. You see, I do all of my blogging on my iPad and the WordPress app has completely changed due to the upgrade and I got so frustrated with it that I just gave up. At that point I had made up my mind that I was done with my blog for good.

Even though I haven’t posted anything since October, I still get people liking my Facebook page. This has been a huge encouragement for me and I have started to rethink that decision.

So, after praying about it, I have decided not only to keep my blog, but what direction that I want to take it in.

Life is full of challenges and so I am going to start off the year talking about the challenges I am faced with.


My biggest challenge right now is to use my MacBook Air. The Capt. bought it for me last Christmas thinking that I would use it for everything and we could get rid of the old, slow PC.

I must admit, I was more intimidated to use it than I thought I would be! I took a class at the Apple store and that gave me the boost that I needed.

After getting OfficeMac and Print Master Gold for Mac, I have been doing more with the laptop. I no longer do our budget on the PC, I now budget and pay bills with the Mac. I also make my cards and other crafts on the Mac.

Even though I am writing this post on the iPad, I plan to learn and post from WordPress on my laptop from now on.

What are some of the challenges facing you this year!