Glorify God In All Things

I was faced with a situation yesterday that could have gone two ways.

I could have lost my cool, acted like a raving lunatic and said some not so nice things, which would not have changed a thing or I could accept that I couldn’t change the situation and handle it in a way that would glorify God.

Let me explain what happened:

Three weeks ago, The Capt. and I went to Rhode Island for a long weekend and we left our car at a parking place near the airport that advertised 24 hour surveillance and a safe place to park.

Upon our return, we noticed that the trim had been pulled away from the passenger side door and the leather on the airbag compartment had been slashed in 2 places.



We had the manager come out to assess the damage. He gave us an incident report to fill out while he took pictures. He said that he would send the report to the corporate office and they would be contacting us in a few days. He also gave us the telephone number to the corporate office.

After about a week, with no word from the corporate office, I took my car to a body shop for an estimate. Luckily , the trim just needed to be popped back on, but, the airbag compartment was going to be approximately $2000.00 to repair.

I came home and called the corporate office number that we were given and talked to the owner’s secretary. I told her about the estimate and she said to scan and email it to her and she would make sure that the owners saw it, along with the initial report and pictures.

I promptly emailed the estimate and then waited another week. When I didn’t get any kind of response, I sent another email, inquiring as to when this situation could be resolved.

The secretary emailed me back, assuring me that one of the owners would be in that afternoon. She said along with the report we submitted and the pictures, that he would have to talk with the person that parked our car and check the surveillance cameras. She assured me that she would notify me as soon as she had an answer for me.

Another week has passed and now we are into the third week with no word from the owners. So yesterday morning I send another email to the secretary. This time I stated that my husband was getting impatient and the feeling that we were being ignored. I also emphasized how quickly I wanted this matter resolved.

I got an answer back quickly this time, but it wasn’t what I wanted to hear!

She emailed that the owners looked at everything and concluded that it was not vandalism but sun damage and they will not be helping with any repairs!

My blood was boiling! Did the sun pull the trim away from the window? Why wasn’t the top of the dashboard that gets the direct heat damaged? This car is housed in a garage, could the sun do that damage in just 3 days? And did the sun leave what appears to be a greasy palm print?


While I was still hot, I called The Capt. and he wasn’t surprised by their answer. He told me it wasn’t worth the time and energy to fight with them. He said to make the decision to live with it or pay the deductible to have our insurance fix it.

I wasn’t completely satisfied with that solution. I was thinking of ways to get satisfaction. Maybe leave bad reviews or better yet, have my sister and brother in law picket the place. The very least I could do would be to send a scathing email giving them a piece of my mind!

Well, I sat on my couch and asked God to help calm me in this situation. I asked for guidance in how to handle this in a way that would glorify Him.

A peace came over me and I decided that I would send one last email to that secretary. I thanked her for her quick response, even though it wasn’t the answer that I was looking for and I also told her, very politely, that we would no longer be using their facility to park when we travel but that I would however, keep the owners in my prayers.

You see, the moral of this story is:
I have an automatic signature and link to my blog page attached to every email I send. So, anyone that gets an email from me can click the link to my blog, where I openly profess to being a child of God. How would that have looked if I had sent a blazing email just to make myself feel better?

And yes folks, they do click the link!
I just got a response back from that secretary. She said that she was so sorry that I didn’t get the answer that I was looking for but on a good note, she just checked out my blog and she loves it!

Glory be to God!