Photo Strip Wall Art

Here is my completed photo strip wall art!


This is what I did:

I used an iPad app called Photo Booth to make the photo strip and then just emailed it to myself.


From my email, I put the photo strip picture on a memory stick and took it to Staples to get an engineer print. I knew that I wanted my photo strip wall art to be 4 feet tall, so I had to order the 36 x 48 print. It was supposed to be $7.29 and I was OK with that, but, because it did not fill up the whole sheet, the girl only charged me $2.00. (Awesome!)


I got a piece of thin MDF, used for shelving at Home Depot and had them cut it to the size I needed. (Tip: get your print before you go and have your wood cut so that you can get exact measurements.)


I trimmed some of the white sides but left enough to wrap around my board to make a nice clean edge. I painted the top and bottom edges of the board white and then spray it with some all purpose spray adhesive. I carefully rolled my print onto the tacky board, smoothing out any air bubbles as I went.

I added a saw tooth hanger to the back and it was finished.




This turned out better than I expected and all for under $10.00!

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