Beachy Photo Shoot

The Capt. and I took Marley to the beach for a photo shoot.

I want to make a large photo strip for my living room wall and since I have a ” beachy feel” in that room, I wanted pictures of us at the ocean.

It was a beautiful day and the water was warm!



We started out walking along the beach


But Marley was more interested in hunting!



I wanted some great shots of Marley in the water, but what I ended up with were some priceless shots of The Capt.

Watch his expression change as I just clicked away with the camera!





(I have to laugh every time I look at those!)

I wanted to get a good shot of Marley sitting between us. I fully intended to crop this picture at our knees or I would have taken off the silly looking hat and covered up the shirt, ha ha. But it was such a good picture of us that I think I am going to use it as is.


One last look at the ocean before we head home.


Even though we weren’t there long, the salt water and fresh air wore Marley out, he slept all the way home!


I got some great pictures and I will reveal my photo strip soon .

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