Fun DIY Sharpie Project

I have been seeing lots of DIY sharpie plate projects all over Pinterest, so I had to jump on the bandwagon!

The best part is, I didn’t have to spend a dime, since I already had everything needed for this project.


This is what I did:

I printed out my words onto some card stock.


Since I don’t have one of those fancy machines, I painstakingly cut out each letter with some manicure scissors. ( hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!)


I had some nice square plates that I had gotten at a grocery store with green stamps. The store went out of business before I could complete my set, so they were the perfect choice for this project.

I found the center of my stencil and placed it where I wanted it to go on each plate.


Next, I took a fine tip sharpie and traced along the stencil.



Then I took a thicker sharpie and filled in all of the letters.


When each plate was complete, I put them in the oven on 425 for 30 minutes.


After 30 minutes, I removed them from the oven and let them cool down.


They look soooo cute on my table!


Just think, the possibilities could be endless!

I am hoping that I didn’t jump the gun here. I have seen mixed reviews on similar projects. Some ladies say that their plates are holding up great, even dishwasher safe, while others complain that the marker wears off.

I have not washed, or even used these plates yet. But when I do, I plan to put them in the dishwasher. If the marker wears off, I am prepared to go to plan B.

I will do the whole thing over again but this time, I will use glass paint.

That’s how much I love these plates!

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