Finally Caught A Fish

The Capt. has never really been a good fisherman, he just isn’t a patient person!

He has had people tell him to use a certain kind of bait and he will definitely catch a fish. Nope!

He has had people tell him the best lake to fish in and he will definitely catch a fish. Nope!

He has even had people take him fishing. They guaranteed that they would get him to catch a fish. Nope!

Well, finally,
We were on a long weekend get away in Homosassa just before the 4th of July. As we were cruising up and down the river site seeing, he decided to cast a line in the water.

With in minutes he had a bite. We didn’t get too excited, knowing his history, it was probably a shoe or his line was caught on something.

He fought and struggled and finally pulled up this beautiful red fish.
Of coarse we all jumped for our cameras to get this monumental moment on film before he threw the fish back in the river.



Once he got the fish in the boat, our friends wanted us to keep it. We emptied our small cooler and stuck the fish in it to keep it cool until we got back to the hotel.

Once at the hotel, our friend cleaned the fish and we brought it to the restaurant to be cooked for dinner.

That’s right folks, there were signs on all of the restaurant marquees that read ” bring in your catch of the day and we will cook it for you”.

For $10.00 a person, they cooked the fish and served it with 2 sides of your choice. We were with another couple, so 3 of us ate the fish and the Capt. ordered a fried scallop meal. He loved catching the fish, but he doesn’t like eating it!


He did taste it though, just because he caught it!


One little fish and now he thinks he is a pro. He said he is going to have his own fishing show.

Fishing with Capt. Kirk!

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