Kids Room Makeover

With my little grandson back home with his family, I had a small window of opportunity to redo the kids guest room before our son and his family came to visit for a week.

This room doubles as my craft/sewing room as well, so the closet was overflowing with all of my supplies. I wanted some kind of built in shelf, cabinet and desk combo on one wall to give me more storage space, and to free up the closet.

We had been searching everywhere for just the right cabinets for this space. We were running out of time when, finally, we found the perfect cabinets at Lowes.

Now that the issue with the built- ins was solved, we were ready to begin:

This is how the room looked before the makeover.




This is the wall that we put the built-ins on.
( this picture is a little distorted because I used the panoramic option on my phone)

I wanted to paint the walls gray because it is the “in” color and also because we had a gallon left over from my laundry area makeover.

Before I begin any painting project, I spend a lot of time prepping and taping.

I pulled all of the nails out of the walls and filled them with drywall mud.


I taped around all of the trim boards and ceiling.



I even remove all of the switch plate covers and tape over the outlets and switches


I had painted a border around the window in this room and I wanted to keep it so, I taped it off as well.


(This room gets so much light from the big windows that it is hard to get a good picture, even with the shutters closed.)

The walls in my house are not smooth, they have what is called an orange peel texture on them. As much as I love the texture, it makes it very difficult to keep the paint from seeping under the tape. After doing my research, I found out that once the first layer of paint is on, it will seal the tape and no more paint will seep in.

So, for the black stripe around the window, I used some water based polycrylic protective finish to seal the tape



For the tape on the ceiling, I used white ceiling paint because if it seeps through, it will be white.


This method worked great. I had a few spots that needed touching up, but for the most part, it was perfect.




After all of the painting was done, it was time to install the cabinets and paint the furniture.

Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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