Finally, The Day Has Arrived!

Finally, only one more week until it is time to go home.

BUT, not before we hit Legoland!

I had been there last summer with my 2 grandsons from Illinois.
You can check out that post here.

They are much older and most of the rides are geared towards the younger kids. The boys did ride the roller coasters and they loved mini USA. It was in July, so we spent most of our time at the water park.

This time I got to see Legoland through the eyes of a 5 year old, which was a totally different experience.

I knew that all of the employees wore mini figures on their badges and would trade with you if you brought some. I also knew that you would receive a drivers license when you went to the driving school so I wanted Connor to be prepared.
I took an old lanyard that the Capt. had gotten from a conference and turned it into one that would hold some mini figs plus display a drivers license.

Now we are ready, here we go!

Here he is, wearing his Lego T shirt, Lego Crocs and his lanyard with 2 mini figures attached.



The kids are always amazed and really excited when they see this welcome sign made of Legos.


We rode all of the rides, except for the roller coasters





The driving school was really fun because he actually got to drive himself.

We lost one of our mini figures some where but we earned our drivers license.

I think the interactive things are what he liked the most.

As much as he liked the mini USA, it was for much different reasons than the older boys. He liked to push the buttons and watch the moving parts.

He also searched each city for a fire department.


He loved this area where you gather up balls to shoot out of a cannon.

I had to talk him into watching the ski show, but once it started, he really liked it




I was glad to see that they brought back the pyramid! ( This park was originally Cypress Gardens, famous for their ski shows and inventor of the ski pyramid).

I think his very favorite part of the whole experience was trading mini figures. He would trade with everyone that he saw!





Just checking the map to make sure we saw everything before we head home.



Our last stop, The Big Store!



We stopped at our favorite ice cream shop on the way home and talked about our special day and how fun it was while eating an ice cream cone!


I think I will be bringing more grandkids in the future but it will still be a new experience for me.

The next visit to Legoland will be with little girls!

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