A Very Busy Spring

Hi all!

I had a very busy spring, and now that things have slowed down a little, I would like to share it with you.

It began the end of March when we had our 5 year old grandson stay with us for 6 weeks. His father was away at special schooling for the military and his mother works nights. He has 2 older siblings that are in school and were able to stay at a friends house the 2 nights each week that their mother was working, but it wasn’t as easy to find someone willing to take a 5 year old 2 nights a week for that long so we decided to fly up and get him.

Thanks to modern technology, we were able to stay in touch with both Mom and Dad via FaceTime. That really helped when he was missing his family.

This little guy is a Lego fanatic! He eats, sleeps and breaths Legos and it just so happens that we live in the same town as Legoland. I planned to take him there but I purposely waited until his last week here so that he would have something to look forward to.

To help pass the time, I highlighted the special day on the calendar and then each morning, we would cross off a day and count how many days left until we get to go to Legoland.

In the meantime, we kept busy playing with Legos!

We put together the kits that his parents sent with him.

We played with the large bin of Legos that the Capt.’s boss lent us.

We also celebrated Easter!







The Easter Bunny left an Easter basket plus a basket to collect all of the Easter eggs that he hid.





Easter tablescape.

Love the Easter outfit!

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