Easy DIY Necklace

The Capt. and I are going on a mini getaway in June with some friends. We are taking the boat and going to Homosassa to go scalloping.

Being the pre-planner that I am, I’m already putting together the outfits that I want to take.

As I was trying to accessorize my ” beachy outfits“, I realized that I had everything that I needed except for a necklace to match one of the shirts that I want to bring.

Then I remembered that I had pinned the perfect necklace, you can check it out here.

This is a quick and easy project that anyone can do.

All you need is a package of small washers and nail polish to get you started.


Paint the smooth side of the washers with any color nail polish you want.


When the polish has dried, you just attach the washers together with large jump rings and add a nice chain.


I loved the looks of this so much that I made some earrings to match!


Once the polish was dry, this project only took me 15 minutes to do!


Giving Money

As our grandkids get older, and their toys get more expensive, we find ourselves giving money for their birthdays.

The problem with that is, we don’t always know what they spent it on.

As I was looking through Pinterest, I came across this great idea of giving money with strings attached.

I changed up the wording some so that it was fitting for a 12 year old boy and this is what I sent.



What ideas do you have when it come to giving money?