Hot Glue Gun Stand

The Capt. was going through his scrap lumber a few weeks ago, looking for supplies to help his brother with a project.

When I heard this, I told him about a little project that I had in mind and asked him to reserve a piece of wood for me.

I have been seeing a lot of pictures of DIY hot glue gun stands on Pinterest.
This is just the thing I need, especially since I broke the little ” kick stand” off of my gun.

I had been using a big lid off of a snack jar but it was causing the tip of the gun to get covered in hot glue.


So, about an hour after I reserved my piece of scrap wood, the Capt. surprised me with this!


I just had to ” girly” it up a bit.


What a pleasant surprise and an awesome job he did!

I love my new hot glue gun stand❤.

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