Baby’s First Birthday

We were lucky to be able to celebrate our youngest grandson’s first birthday with him!

The theme for the party was the Hungry Caterpillar. Our daughter did an excellent job of planning and decorating for this very special event.

I was glad to be able to help and to make the birthday outfit!

Thanks to the very cleaver ladies out there and Pinterest, I got some great ideas for this theme.

Here is the highchair banner that I made.


This is the party hat, shirt, and bib that I made.




Here is the birthday boy, enjoying his special day!




Happy Good Friday Everyone!


Hot Glue Gun Stand

The Capt. was going through his scrap lumber a few weeks ago, looking for supplies to help his brother with a project.

When I heard this, I told him about a little project that I had in mind and asked him to reserve a piece of wood for me.

I have been seeing a lot of pictures of DIY hot glue gun stands on Pinterest.
This is just the thing I need, especially since I broke the little ” kick stand” off of my gun.

I had been using a big lid off of a snack jar but it was causing the tip of the gun to get covered in hot glue.


So, about an hour after I reserved my piece of scrap wood, the Capt. surprised me with this!


I just had to ” girly” it up a bit.


What a pleasant surprise and an awesome job he did!

I love my new hot glue gun stand❤.

My First Pinterest Project Of The Year Part 2

So last week I showed you how I had some pictures enlarged at Staples. Click here to read that post.


Now, this week, I am going to show you what I did with those enlarged photos.

I bought a half piece of very thin MDF at Home Depot and while I was there, I had them cut the board into the sizes I needed.

(It is very important that you enlarge your pictures first so that you can get an accurate measurement before you have the board cut.)


First, I sanded the edges of each board. Then I painted the edges black on the boards that I will use for the colored copies of the grandkids and for the big engineer print I painted the whole board white, including the edges.


When the paint was completely dry, I sprayed each board with my spray adhesive. I very carefully positioned the photo onto the board and smoothed it out to remove any air bubbles. I turned the picture over and trimmed the edges with a very sharp razor knife.

After the glue was dry, I sprayed the picture with some matte finish spray Modpodge. I am not sure that you even need to do this step, I just thought it would keep the pictures from getting dusty. But, for my big print, after using the spray Modpodge, I found that it caused air pockets that I couldn’t get out, so if I were to do it again, I would leave this step out on the engineering prints.


I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for hooks on the back to hang my boards with until Marley and I were on our morning walk. It is amazing how many soda can tabs you can find in the street in one morning.
I measured the exact center of the boards and then glued the tab with some clear all purpose glue. When that was dried, I added some hot glue just to be sure.


Here are my finished products, they turned out AMAZING!!


After hanging Marley’s picture, it just seemed lonely on the wall. I had two extra square boards left over, so I made two smaller pictures to give it balance.

It is a real eye catcher now, when you walk by his room!



I want to redo the spare room that the grandkids sleep in and I want the new pictures to be the centerpiece. But, until I get that project done, I just replaced some older pictures with these new ones.


This is my favorite picture
. Grandpa with all of his grandsons!


Do you have any pictures that you would love to enlarge?

Favorite Apps

It dawned on me, while writing my last post, that I should make a list of my favorite apps that I use on my iPad and iPhone.

The only things that I really do on these devices, other than blog, is surf the Internet, Facebook, Pinterest, read a book, and take pictures.
I don’t play games, but I do have a few apps that keep me occupied when I find myself having to wait somewhere.

(By the way, I don’t use the Facebook or Pinterest apps. I find it much easier to add an icon linking me right to those sites.)

So, with that said, here is a list of my favorite apps:

I keep these apps on both of my devices, the iPad and iPhone.


🔹Wordpress – Free
This is the app that lets me manage my blog from my portable devices.
I do all of my blogging from this app.

🔹 PhotoPad – Free
This photo editing app lets me resize and crop my photos. It also lets me
adjust light and color. This is the app that I use to do all of my basic

🔹 PS Express – Free
This is another photo editing app that I use to crop, straighten, rotate or flip
my photos. This app also lets me add some special effects and borders.

🔹 Retouch – $0.99
This app allows me to remove defects, objects and even people from my

🔹 Juxtaposer – $2.99
This is the app that I use to integrate two images together. You can use
this app to make those silly face swap photos.

🔹 PhotoMakr – Free
I use this app to watermark my photos before I post them online.

🔹 ScribeItLite -Free
When I want to add text to my photos, I use this app. It gives me a wide range
of fonts, colors and sizes to choose from.

🔹 Diptic – Free
This app lets me combine multiple photos into one image. This is the app that I
use to create a before and after picture.

🔹 The Weather Channel – Free
I can check the forecast hourly, daily or even get a 10 day forecast.
This app also gives me alerts for severe weather conditions.

🔹 Flixster – Free
When I want to know what movies are playing, get show times, or buy tickets
from theaters that sell tickets online, this is the app I use. I can
watch trailers, get the top box office hits, hot upcoming movies, and
new DVD releases.

🔹 Skype – Free
I use this app to video chat with family members that don’t have
the ability to FaceTime.

🔹Kindle – Free
I buy Ebooks for Kindle on Amazon and read them on my iPhone
or iPad with this app.

🔹Holy Bible – Free
This is the app that I use when I need to access the Bible and I am not
connected to the Internet.

🔹Southwest – Free
With this app, I can check in for my flight, check my flight status, get
alerts about special deals, view flight schedules, book my air reservations,
book car rentals, and log onto my Rapid Rewards account.

🔹 AirportParking – Free
This app lets me find discount parking, compare prices, reserve a parking
space and get directions to their location.

🔹Solitaire – Free
I use this app to keep me entertained while I am waiting somewhere.

🔹ArcadeBowl – Free
This is a skee ball game and another app to help keep me entertained
when I am waiting for appointments, etc.

Along with the above apps, I also have these on my iPhone:


🔹Camera + – $0.99
This app has several useful features that improve my photos. I can use the
timer for self portraits and Burst to take rapid streams of shots. I can
also use this app to edit my photos.

🔹Last but definitely not the least are the
JoAnn, Michaels and Hobby Lobby apps .
For any crafter, these are “must have” apps. You can pull up coupons right from your device to use at the check out counter.

So, what is your favorite app?