My First Pinterest Inspired Project Of The Year

I decided to jump on the band wagon and try making canvas style pictures using enlarged copies from Staples.

I have seen lots of pins on Pinterest that explains how to do this project and this is the one that I pinned and got inspired by.

I am going to make this a two part post.

In this first part, I will show you my pictures, how I cropped them and what I did to get the look I wanted, and how to get them enlarged.

(Before I go any further, I must tell you that I am an iPad addict. I worry that I will forget how to use a computer because I like to do everything on my iPad, including my blog posts. )

My son- in- law is an amazing photographer, so I was thrilled when he wanted to take some pictures of Marley.

This is my favorite shot!


I knew that this was the picture that I wanted to use for my engineering print, but I just wanted Marley without the stuff in the background.

I used a free app called PhotoPad to make this picture black and white. I also used the filters to posterized it.
If I had needed to crop the picture, I would have done that as well with this app.


Then I used a $2.99 app called Juxtaposer to erase the background.


I also have some great pictures we got on the cruise of the grandkids that I want to enlarge. This is the first one I wanted to use.


I cropped this picture using my Photpad app. Then I added a soft edged black border using a free app called PS Express.


When I was happy with the way both of these pictures looked, I put them on a memory stick and went to Staples.

For Marley’s picture, I ordered the 24×36 engineering print for $3.29.

( remember, you can only get black and white with the engineering prints.)

And for the grandkids, I asked for a large colored copy, I believe it was 11×16 for $.98.

( make sure you ask for the color copy on copy paper or they will think you want the poster for $19.99.)

I browsed the store while they worked on my order and 20 minutes later,
my prints were ready.


I could not be happier with the results!

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