What Does The Future Hold For My Blog?

Well, I can’t believe it, I have been blogging for a whole year now!


For the past several weeks, I have been praying about what direction I should go with my blog.

I thought about monetizing it, which would mean that I would have to switch over to WordPress.org. I would also have to get more serious about networking and building relationships with other bloggers. I would have to devote much more time to my blogging than I do right now.

I also thought about giving it up altogether. I told my self, ” you did it for a year, just be proud of that!”

But, after weeks of praying about it, I am feeling led to keep things the way they are for right now.


I am not sure that I will be posting as often as I did the first year, but I will still be sharing with you:

My DIY projects
My home
Delicious recipes
My Boston Terrier
My faith
Organizational skills
Thrifty finds
Family events
And my Pinterest pins

I feel that God is wanting me to keep this blog as is for now,
so I feel very blessed to have you as a follower and look forward to sharing with you for another year!

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