The M&M’S Christmas Story

Can I just tell you, the Capt. and I had a great time handing out my RACKED packages last weekend.

We went thru Dunkin Donuts drive thru and when we got to the window to pay for our order, the Capt. told the cashier that we would like to pay for the car behind us too. He handed her one of my
YOU’VE BEEN RACKED cards to give them with their order.

The cashier read the card and when she came back with our receipt, she said ” this is really great what you are doing”!

She had us pull ahead because our breakfast sandwiches weren’t ready. That gave us a chance to see the reaction of the car behind us. The guy yelled out ” thank you” and honked when he went by.

Then the girl came out with our order. She also said there was a gift for us. As I looked into the bags, I saw our sandwiches in one and in the other one, the girl had put a donut and some munchkins.

That is when it dawned on me that the simple acts of kindness affect more people than just the recipient! What an awesome feeling.

Today, I made a little gift for Marley’s sitter. Along with her payment, I always like to leave her a little something to show her how much we appreciate her.


I thought the M&M’S story would be perfect. We leave for our cruise on the 6th of January so we will still be in the holiday spirit and as the story says, it’s a love story that never ends!


I wanted to do something totally different with this project but I am still having some problems with my printer and as a result of that, I have used up most of the colored ink. So I opted to just put the red and green M&M’S in a jar that I had already painted the lid. I tied a ribbon around the jar and printed the Christmas story on to some Christmas letterhead and it will worked out just fine




I can’t believe that Christmas is less than a week away!

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