You’ve Been RACKED

You’ve been RACKED,
Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. What better way to glorify Jesus, than to do something nice for someone, just because!

I have been inspired by Tracie at tsj photography and decided to make up some cards of my own to hand out.

I made 2 different sizes. The smaller ones, I can keep in my purse so that when I pay for the person’s food behind me in the drive thru line, I can hand the cashier this card to give to that person.

I also packaged up some dollar bills, change, and candy canes to leave on vending machines, ATM machines, car wash stations and parking meters







Brighten someone’s day, it will surprise you how much JOY you will receive!

Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. brooke

     /  November 2, 2013

    i love this idea ive been wanting to do it forever but its november 2 2013 and i am determined to make my christmas joy about others im asking for nothing for christmas and im doing the random acts of kindness and making things for my family and friends.

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