Green Skinny Jeans

Today and Friday I want to share with you some pin inspired projects.

I have been seeing mint skinny jeans all over Pinterest and I just love them, so I decided to try to make a pair for myself.

I had a pair of very light mint green jeans that I got off of the clearance rack several years ago and haven’t worn in quite some time, so I decided to make them into skinny jeans.

I didn’t take any before and after pictures, but you can find a tutorial here.

I just laid a pair of skinny jeans on top of the jeans and marked the outline and then pinned and sewed the legs.

Walla, my new skinny jeans!


The problem now is, even though these were already mint color, they were too light. So, I decided to make them a bit darker.

I was inspired by this pin,
so I bought a bottle of aquamarine and kelly green ( I couldn’t find green apple) Rit dye.


I just filled my washing machine with hot water and started mixing the dyes.
At first I added about half of the aquamarine and a quarter of the Kelly green. I used an old white tank top to dip into the dye and test the colors. I felt it was too blue so I kept adding more of the green until it was about half and half.

When I was satisfied with the color, I put my newly made skinny jeans in the dye and let the machine run through a complete wash cycle.

When the machine stopped I quickly ran to see my new mint skinny jeans. I just new that I was going to be in love!


They were way too dark. How did this happen?

I kept the jeans in the washer and ran a wash cycle again with warm water and laundry soap.

They were still much darker than I had wanted, but I put them in the dryer anyway in the hopes that they would lighten up when they were dry.

They didn’t lighten up too much but the good news is…


I have an awesome pair of skinny jeans for the Christmas season!

They will match all of my holiday shirts and no one will ever know that I didn’t plan it that way.

Well, that is, if you don’t tell!

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