For The “Techy” Grandkids

Now that Thanksgiving is over, and I trust that you had a fabulous Thanksgiving, I can now concentrate on gifts for the grandkids.

One family is very high tech and is always up on the latest Apple products.

My son-in-law just got the IPad mini and now the kids want one. My grandson, Cody, already has the iTouch and an iPad, but after seeing his Dad’s iPad mini, he said he wants one too. His parents told him that he would have to save his money and buy it himself. He has been raking leaves for the neighbors and plans to shovel snow when the time comes. So, I thought I would give him some money this year, but I wanted a few clever ways to present it. One of the ways that I decided on was to make an origami ring. This was very simple to do, I just followed these instructions.
I put it in an empty ring box and it makes a fun way to give the gift of money!




Cody’s little 4yr old brother, Connor, is also into the “techy” stuff. He knows his way around the iPad and loves to search iTunes for new apps. He gets upset when his parents won’t let him buy the apps that he finds and announced that he ” wants some Apple money” so he can buy it himself.
So, for Connor, I knew just what to get.
I saw this idea on Pinterest and new it would be perfect. I used the bottom portion of 2 Mountain Dew bottles, and connected them together by punching some holes with a hole punch and tying it with ribbon. I hot glued a stem to the top along with a leaf that I cut out of some old leather material. I put some tissue paper and an iTunes gift card inside and he will finally have some “Apple money” of his own!





What fun gifts are you making this year?

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