House Warming Gift

The Capt. and I were invited to a house warming party for a couple that works with him.

This is a fun loving couple, that has a lot of quirks and don’t mind picking on themselves.

So, when I was trying to think of a little gift that I could make for them, I remembered a small sign that I have hanging on a mirror in our entry way that reads:
Remember … As far as anyone knows, we are a nice ” normal” family.

I knew this saying would be perfect to put on a plaque as a house warming gift.

After pricing plain wooden plaques in the crafts stores, I decided it was much cheaper to just buy a sign at our Family Dollar Store to use as the base and decoupage over it.

This is the sign I found that was the perfect size.
Actually, it is really cute and would match my new laundry area, but then I reminded myself that this isn’t about me!



I printed a wood background on regular computer paper, typed my saying,
and then glued it to the sign with Mod Podge. Once it was dried, I took a black sharpie and touched up the edges and then added two coats of Mod Podge and a black ribbon



I think our friends are going to love this little sign and display it proudly in their new home!

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