A Bushel of Apples

I should be waking up this morning in New England, but thanks to Hurricane Sandy, we cancelled our trip.

Let me first say that I am very thankful that all of my family is safe and they weren’t too effected by the storm.

My heart goes out to the people in New York and New Jersey and I pray that they can get back to normal as soon as possible!

I worked hard on this years costumes for the grandkids and I was so looking forward to the Rag Shag parade and costume contest.

Because I was not going to see some of them until we met up at the parade, I had mailed their costumes in advance. I am so glad that I did that!

However, I was planning on bringing 2 of the kids costumes with me because I was going to be staying at their house. When the Capt. called me last Friday to tell me that the perfect storm was brewing in the Northeast, I quickly gathered the costumes and headed to the UPS store. The package was supposed to arrive on Tuesday, October 30th.

We weren’t sure yet, if we were going, but at least all of the kids would have their costumes.

When I checked the flight status for Monday, all of the flights to the Northeast had been cancelled until further notice, so I called the Capt. and we made the difficult decision to call all of the kids and inform them that we were cancelling our trip on Tuesday.

I kept checking on the status of that package and unfortunately, due to the storm, it was still in Florida as of yesterday.

So, the costumes that I made were:

A fancy witch tutu and a ghost tutu dress for my 2 granddaughters
A paratrooper for one grandson
And an accident victim for the older grandson.
I was taking my costume creating into the digital world with the thanks of the digitaldudz app. Check out this video here.

And for the costume that I think has a chance to win the costume contest, I made the newest grandson a bushel of apples outfit.

When we were trying to come up with an idea for his costume, I came across these very cleaver sack of taters costumes.

That is when the lightbulb went off!

My son in law’s family has an apple orchard so I thought it would be fun to dress the baby as a bag of apples.

After struggling with how I was going to make this costume and keep the baby warm, I decided to make a red hooded cape out of fleece. I put a large stem and leaf on top of the hood and hot glued small apples on the shoulders of the cape.

Then I just made a large sack out of white fleece, hot glued some white raffia for the bag handles and used an iron on transfer to add the farm name. The baby had just been weighed, so I had to add the net weight of our bushel!



I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is good,and the kids can wear their costumes and trick or treat.

And for the 2 that didn’t receive their costumes, they were able to get some store ones, at a discount. When their package finally arrives, they will have awesome costumes for next year!

I think I am really retiring from the costume making business after this!

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