Oprah Wins Another Award

When I asked my sister if we could dress Sweetie up and enter her in the pet costume contest at her mall this year, she knew exactly what Sweetie should be!

There are several different categories that are judged and the one we entered was the celebrity look-a-like category.

I made Sweetie an evening dress, with cleavage, and with the addition of a black wig, she was a dead ringer for Oprah!



My sister transformed a red wagon into a chase lounge.

And we added all of Oprah’s favorite things:

Her magazine, Louboutins, pictures of Gayle and Stedman, and her Emmy, along with some favorite toys.





When we arrived at the mall, we had people wanting to take her picture before we could even register.

And when we got to the judges table, they could not contain themselves. They were laughing and pointing at her cleavage and her wig. One judge even said “ I can see the resemblance“. They loved all of the special effects on the magazine and the pictures, and they thanked us for making them laugh!




We were confident that Sweetie would be one of the winners.

And we were right, she won 1st place in her category!

Sweetie won a 1st place trophy and a $50.00 gift card to the mall stores.


We were so proud of her that we went out to lunch, on her, and celebrated the victory

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1 Comment

  1. Jeanne Forsythe

     /  October 29, 2012

    So precious! Love the pics. GREAT JOB!


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