Alien And Astronaut

One of my co- workers decided to have a Halloween party at his house. I was so thrilled because I had made this super awesome alien costume for my daughter ( she won 1st place) and I had a chance to wear it as well.

That was the year that the bright neon colors where so popular, so I bought a bright neon green sweatshirt and knit pants for the body. I used paper mâché for the head, added some foam ears and painted it green. I had some hologram eyes from a cereal box so I used that and an empty soda bottle to make the eyes. The Capt. wired some little lights on long springs for the antennae and I was able to control the lights with a hand switch.

It just so happened that the Capt. had a bright neon yellow one piece ski suit so I made him a paper mâché helmet and he went as an astronaut. What you can’t see is his air pack on his back. It was made with a box and some pool hose.


Needless to say, this was a big hit at the party!

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