Gorilla And Cat Costume

Living in New England made it a challenge to come up with good ideas for Halloween costumes because you were limited to costumes that kept you warm.

For my oldest daughter, I had a sweater with a fur collar that she loved so I made her a hood with ears and a tail and she was an adorable cat.

My younger daughter had a pair of monkey feet slippers, so it was a given that year, that she was going to be a gorilla.

The town that we lived in had a rag shag parade where everyone marched down street to the Vets Club where they handed out candy and had a costume contest.

My little gorilla won a prize, I don’t remember what category though, but that just further fed my obsession!

Boy were those judges surprised to see this little blonde girl with hair down to her waste when she took off her mask.

Here are the costumes:


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