iPhone 5 Review

I was one of the lucky ones to have the new iPhone 5 on Friday, September 21.


My love affair with Apple products goes back several years now.

Even though I try to stay somewhat current with the latest iPhones and iPads, I have not gotten caught up in the need to be one of the first to get my hands on the newest version.

Until now!

I did not get up at midnight to preorder online or camp out for days in front of the store.

But, since I always get up at 5:30am to make the Capt.’s coffee and lunch for the day, I did decide to preorder my new iPhone 5 on AT&T’s website and it was to be delivered on Friday, September 21 (the day they go on sale in stores).

I must admit, I was soooo excited when Friday finally got here.
I did not want to go anywhere that day for fear of missing the FedEx man.

When I was walking Marley that morning, I saw a FedEx truck leaving our subdivision and I thought for sure it had delivered my package. I practically ran all the way home, but no iPhone yet.

Poor Marley, he was so hot and tired after that unexpected workout!

Finally, 2:00pm and the doorbell rings. My package has arrived!

Here it is, the new iPhone 5, white.


I just love the look and feel of this phone.

It is much lighter than my iPhone 4 and also slimmer and fits in my hand much better.

The connector port is smaller on the new phone, and the cable inserts either way you put it in.


It does seem to be much faster with the 4g and I do like that.

I haven’t noticed much improvement in the battery life or the camera quality, it seems to be about the same as my old phone.

The camera does have a new feature that I like, the panoramic view.

The screen is longer, which is supposed to be better for streaming video or watching a movie but I haven’t done either of those yet.

The thing I love the most about this new phone is the ability to FaceTime from anywhere.

The Capt. and I went to breakfast Sunday, after church, when he remembered that we were supposed to FaceTime with our granddaughters. I said “no problem, I have my phone with me and now we can FaceTime over 4g”.
As we stood in the parking lot of the restaurant video chatting with the girls, the hostess was calling our name and looking everywhere for us because we were next to be seated. I can see we will have to plan better in the future, but the point is, it works everywhere now and that is my favorite new feature!

There is a problem though, and from what I have been reading online, it is a software issue that I am sure will be worked out.

The glitch is that the phone will not stay connected to my wifi at home.

This is a problem because when it is not using wifi, it is running on 4g and using up my data.

I have to make sure, every time I turn it on to check email, Facebook, or Pinterest, that I reconnect to my wifi first. This is such a nuisance because my wifi is passcode protected and I have to enter a password every time I reconnect.

When all is said and done, though, I love my new iPhone 5.

Now, I need to find the perfect case for my new phone.

Any suggestions?

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  1. i have a couple of months before im do for the upgrade I’m hoping the kinks will be worked out by then enjoy your phone


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