In Honor Of The September 11 Heroes

While I was going through all of my Halloween pictures through the years, I came across this very special one.

Since this is the week of remembrance, I post this in honor of the September 11 heroes.

It has been a tradition in our family to make costumes instead of buying one.

However, we could not resist buying this cute fireman costumes to honor those brave men that had just lost their lives rushing into the burning towers.

This picture was 11 years ago and Jake was only 3.


Here he is with his younger brother as the fire dog.


I will never forget that night.

My daughter and I had taken Jake to the rag shag parade in town. We love this event because you trick or treat at the local businesses lined up on main street, then you march in a parade to the Armory, led by a fire truck.

Jake was so scared of all the kids dressed up that he didn’t want to trick or treat and we had fallen behind in the parade.

Actually, we were the very last ones in the parade.

As we were getting ready to cross the last intersection, to enter the Armory, the fire truck was already heading back to the firehouse when they spotted us.

They stopped their truck, opened the door and personally greeted our little fire fighter.

That was such a touching moment for us, and them, that is still brings tears to my eyes writing this.

May we never forget our fallen heroes and may God bless their families!

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