Halloween Is Coming

I start to get giddy around this time every year just thinking about Halloween.

I love making costumes and going to places to show them off and to see what other clever people have come up with.


Starting the first of October, I will be showcasing some of the costumes that I have made over the years for the Capt. and I, my kids, the grandkids, and for the pets.

I had made some over the top costumes about 4 years ago for the grandkids, and what I mean by over the top is, the most elaborate, time consuming and expensive! Afterwards, I had announced that I would not be making any more costumes. I felt I may as well go out with a bang because there was no way that I could top that!


But, the following year I was having withdrawals from not making any costumes, so I turned my attention to my dog and my sister’s dog. I made 2 fabulous costumes for Marley and Sweetie ( a cute black pekingese). After all, with those adorable smashed in faces, I knew I had to exploit them. The costumes were fabulous and they took 1st and 2nd place at Petco and may have even won the grand prize at the big pet costume contest at the mall. We will never know for sure because we had to leave abruptly since Marley was not playing nice with the other dogs!
As much as he loves to dress up ( and he rocked his costume I might add), I vowed to never put him in that situation again. Sweetie, on the other hand, behaved very well, and even though she doesn’t like to dress up like Marley does, she handled herself like a lady!


So, as of last year, I came out of retirement and made some costumes for a few of the grandkids, but I warned them that they would not be on the grand scale as before.

Now, that brings us to this year. The Capt. has been wanting to get back up to New England for a long weekend to see our newest grandson again and we even picked a date in September to go. But, then we found out that our youngest daughter, and the one with the baby, was in a wedding that weekend and would not be available, so we had to look at other dates.
To my delight ( and the Capt.’s horror,) we chose Halloween. Yeah!

I had been planning on making some tutu costumes for 2 of my granddaughters, but now the wheels are spinning in my head. I am making 5 costumes and we will be going to the local rag shag parade and costume contest.

I am also working with my sister on a costume for Sweetie because we plan on taking her to the costume contest at the mall since it is the weekend before Halloween and I will still be in town at that time.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I will be posting my Halloween creations all month long starting in October.

Halloween, or shall I say, making Halloween costumes, is an obsession for me.

I was just wondering, does anyone else share this obsession?

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  1. What adorable costumes you have made for both people and animals :). I can see why it’s an obsession…you are really good at it. I just started making Halloween costumes for my daughter the past two years. I grew up with my mom making my costumes and those memories are priceless for me…I hope my daughter will have the same memories from the costumes I make for her. I can’t wait to see the ones you make this year.


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