Garage Redo Completed

Well, the Capt. and I spent the whole Labor Day weekend laboring!

We knew that we had a lot of work ahead of us if we were to get the garage put back together, but we told ourselves that we are not working the whole long weekend. We promised that we would take some time to relax and maybe go somewhere.


The good news is, the garage redo is completed.

You can check out why we decided to do over the garage and the before pictures here

We use the left side for the Capt.’s tools and my laundry area.

This is the Capt.’s new work station.





Did you notice the spilled oil on his new work bench? It didn’t take him long to break that in!

The left side of the garage is storage.

Before, we couldn’t even get to anything because we also kept the boat inside.

We decided to purchase a metal carport and store the boat on the side of the house. ( I will post about that when it arrives).

Now I can get to everything on the shelves and park my car on that side.

I hope we can continue to keep this area nice and organized.




Here is a before and after view from the outside looking in.


You can see my newly defined laundry space in the corner.

I have a few finishing touches to add to my laundry area and then I will post all of the details and lots of pictures.

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