Garage Makeover

The Capt.’s birthday is coming up next week and we usually don’t buy each other gifts anymore, but, since he bought me a new iPad for my birthday, I wanted to return the favor.

Every time we go to one of those home improvement stores, he drools over the big tool boxes and nice work benches. The problem is, we just don’t have much room in our garage for all of those things.

Our garage serves as a storage area and laundry room as well as his work station. Ever since we moved here, we have had to store all of the stuff that used to be in our basement in Massachusetts in the garage.

After doing a little measuring and a lot of compromising, we came up with a plan that will give the Capt. a new work station, organize the storage area more efficiently and better define my laundry area.

So, I bought the Capt. 2 workbenches and a rolling tool box for his birthday.

This generous gift on my part created a major project that has us somewhat over whelmed.

You see, we couldn’t just put these shiny new things into a dingy dirty area. Thats right, we bought special paint to redo the garage floor along with a different color paint to define my laundry area.

Now we have to take all of the stuff off of the walls and also move everything out of the garage so that the floors and walls can get painted. All of this has to get done before the Capt. can even begin to assemble and organize his new birthday stuff!

In his haste to get started, he disassembled his work station before I even had a chance to take a picture of it for a before and after comparison.

So, here is what our garage looks like now:


What is left of his old work area


My laundry area



The storage area


Outside looking in

I don’t know who is going to enjoy this new birthday present more, him or me!

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  1. I’d say that is a win-win as far as birthday gifts go :). Enjoy your clean garage and your happy husband.

  2. I am definitely referring this blog to my friends and family. It was very informative, and I think everyone should read it.

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