Update On My Southwest Flights

After several phone calls and diligently checking my credit card statement, I think that everything is finally straightened out.


If you haven’t read how the Southwest Airlines glitch effected me, you can check it out here.

I called the airline to tell them that all of the flights have been cancelled but I still had a charge for one of them on my credit card. They were very helpful and reinstated my flights. The fare had changed, but they honored the original fare that I had booked. They wanted me to give them my credit card again, but I told them that I didn’t want to do that because I already have a charge for the flights. They said that charge will be refunded because the flights were cancelled, but until that happens, I was not going to let them add any new charges.

Southwest Airlines understood and were very good about working with me. They gave me a confirmation number and said that after my credit card gets straighten out, to call back and they will reissue the tickets for me.

I checked my statement the next day to see if that charge had been refunded yet, and to my dismay, all 24 charges were back.
That’s right , 24 charges of $439.20 for a grand total of $ 10,540.80.

I immediately called my credit card company, again, and they were very helpful in eliminating these charges. The rep said to wait 24 hours for the charges to be removed from my statement.

I checked back in 24 hours and all of the pending charges had been posted but then it showed a refund. The thing is, the original amount of $439.20 was for 2 tickets, me and the Capt., but the refund was done for each individual ticket.
So my statement shows a credit of $219.60 48 times!

The rep that had been working with me to remove these charges called me to confirm that my statement will reflect the refund and everything should be straightened out.

Finally, I am ready to call Southwest and have them reissue the tickets.

I know that this has been an inconvenience, but it was not anything that was done deliberately. As a matter of fact, Southwest was just trying to do something nice for their loyal customers and I hope that this doesn’t sway them from doing something nice in the future.

And I got a little surprise when I checked my email the other day!

Southwest Airlines sent an apology, saying they were sorry for any inconvenience they had caused us along with a $150.00 travel voucher to be used towards future tickets.

Thank you Southwest!

In no way have I been paid to write this.

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  1. Southwest is my favorite airline! I rarely have any problems with their flights and they always seem to be on time, if not early. Whenever they do have an issue, they give you vouchers and are very apologetic. I’m glad you have similar thoughts! Yay Southwest!


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