No Cost Glitter Projects

My grandson is coming tomorrow to stay with us for a week.

All of the kids know that whenever they come for a visit, grandpa likes to take them to the store to buy a toy. We plan on keeping that tradition with the grandson, but, since he has 2 other siblings that are at home, I thought it would be nice if he were to take something back for them.

His sister loved all of my glittered shoes, so I found a pair of ballerina style shoes on clearance at Walmart for $5.00 and I glittered them with candy apple green ( her favorite color).


I had so much of the Modpodge glitter mixture left over, so I search the house for things to glitter.

I keep a stash of Dollar Store sunglasses out by the pool, so I thought it would be fun to glitter one of them.


I still had some of the glitter mixture left, so I glittered a Crystal Light container to store the sunglasses in.

I decided that they needed some embellishments and I remembered that I had some glittered foam flowers and some gems left over from the rainy day projects I did with my other 2 granddaughters, so I added them and Loved it!
I also added some to the sunglasses.




Here are my no cost glittered projects all together, along with the $5.00 shoes



They make a great gift set, I can just picture her now, wearing these on our family cruise in January!

What crazy things have you glittered?

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  1. Oh my goodness. What incredible grandparents. I love that you made something to send back to your granddaughters. I can’t believe you glittered those shoes yourself. I want a pair 🙂


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