Southwest Airlines Computer Glitch

How many of you have heard about the Southwest Airlines computer glitch?

For those of you who haven’t heard, here is what happened. Southwest Airlines sent out an email on Friday, Aug 3, to all of their customers telling them that they had just reached 3 million fans on their Facebook page. As a reward, they were offering half off fares on select dates in September and October, but they had to be booked by midnight on the 3rd to get these special fares.


I was one of the lucky customers that received that email. Since The Capt. has been wanting to get up to New England to see the new grand baby again, I immediately started searching for flights.

The half off fares weren’t going to work for us because they were only for flights on every Tuesday in September and early October. But, since I had already gotten his hopes up, we decided to book some flights anyway.

I was originally trying to do the whole booking process on my iPad so that I could watch the Olympics at the same time, but it was so slow and I was getting so frustrated that I decided to get on my home PC to move things along.

I had forgotten that my PC was powered off, so I had to wait for eeeever for it to power up ( that is why I love the iPad, it is on when I lift the magnetic cover) and that didn’t help the mood I had already developed.

By this time, I was already thinking that I didn’t want to spend the money to buy these tickets yet, but The Capt. kept insisting, so I forged ahead.

After talking with the kids to coordinate dates, discussing how many days we plan to be there, and finding the flight times and fares that would work for us, I was finally ready to purchase these tickets.

I entered all of the pertinent information and hit the purchase button.

Oops, you forgot to enter how you want to be contacted message appears.

OK, trying to keep my already bad attitude in check, I go back and add the necessary info and hit the purchase button again.

Oops, you forgot to enter a phone number!

Really! Now I am pounding on the keyboard as I enter my phone number.

I find my way back to the purchase button and dare it to find something else wrong this time!

I pushed the button and all of a sudden the screen turns grey and then I am taken back to the homepage.

That’s it, I really didn’t want to buy the tickets yet anyway, so I shut down the computer and returned to watching TV and let my blood pressure level off.

I should have known better than to try and book flights:
1: on the iPad, because it is always slow on Southwest’s site
2: when I am tired and not thinking clearly
So I went to bed thinking that is just wasn’t meant to be to get the tickets at this time.

To my surprise, when I checked my emails the next morning, I had 24 emails from Southwest Airlines, all confirming my flights.

That’s right, they charged my credit card 24 times for $439.20. That’s a grand total of $10,540.80.

Southwest Airlines was just trying to do something nice for its loyal customers and the overwhelming response to their half off offer caused a major glitch in their system and everyone got multiple bookings by mistake.

I immediately logged into my Rapid Rewards account and cancelled all but one reservation and then called my credit card company to have them remove all but one charge. Everything went very smoothly, by this time it had hit the news, so the credit card company had no problems helping me.

Later that evening, I logged onto my credit card account to see if everything was taken care of and sure enough it was. All of the charges to Southwest, except one, we’re removed from my account. Great!

Then I logged onto my Rapid Reports account to see if it everything there looked OK. Oh no, there are NO flights listed!

So where do we stand right now you ask? I’m not really sure!

All I know is that I have been charged $439.20 and have no confirmed reservation.

I am confident, however, that Southwest Airlines will get this whole mess straightened out and they are still my favorite airline to fly.

Did anyone else get caught in the Southwest Airline computer glitch?

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  1. Oh my. I can’t believe you were charges 24 times in excess of $10,000. WOW. What a crazy situation to find yourself part of. I hope you get confirmation that you do indeed have a trip booked.

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