Dad’s Donuts

You may have seen this recipe on the roll of Pillsbury biscuits recently, but we have been eating these donuts for over 40 years!

It all started one evening when my Mom was trying to make dinner. She had the deep fryer out to cook some breaded shrimp. While she was waiting for the oil to heat up, she got out a roll of Pillsbury biscuits.

My Dad, who does not care for shrimp, grabbed one of the biscuits and threw it in the hot oil. Admittedly, he was trying to irritate my mother, but in the process, he discovered something awesome. With a little cinnamon and sugar, those deep fried biscuits became a really good donut.

A tradition was born!

Dad made these donuts on Sunday mornings, Mom would make them for her Sunday School class on special occasions , and when the youth group would come over in the evenings to play pool and hang out, we would serve the donuts.

To this day, when we are reminiscing with old friends, they all say ” remember those donuts your parents used to make!”.

Dad’s Donuts:

Roll of Pillsbury biscuits ( use the Grands for bigger donuts)
Deep fryer or pan of oil
Cinnamon and sugar (mixed)
Ready made frosting

While the oil is heating up, separate the biscuits onto a flat surface. I use an empty prescription pill bottle to cut holes in the middle of each biscuit.

Place the donuts and the holes in the hot oil. Only do a few at a time, as they cook very fast. I use a big fork to flip them once and them remove them from the oil and place on a platter lined with paper towels to soak up the excess oil.

Place the cinnamon and sugar and frostings of your choice in separate bowls.

We put a spoonful of each topping on our plates and then grab a donut and start dipping.





Now, my grandkids request Dad’s Donuts when they visit.

The tradition lives on!

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  1. What a great memory to have had as a child and now for your own children to have. I love that out of trying to annoy your mom, your dad created something delicious and memorable. Thanks for sharing!


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