An Insurance Nightmare

My parents are both in their 80’s and their health is failing, so we finally talked them into moving into an independent living facility.

We were so happy when we got them all moved in, now we can concentrate on getting them some important doctors appointments.

This is where the nightmare began!


When I called around to try and get a very important appointment with a specialist, I found out that there weren’t any in the area that take their insurance. You see, they moved from one county to another, and we never thought that that would effect their insurance.

They are on Medicare so what is the problem?

I soon found out that Medicare pays private insurance companies to handle the seniors in Florida and their company does not provide coverage in Polk County.

Our options are to drive over an hour away to see a doctor in network, or to go out of network and pay a larger co-pay and only be 15 minutes away.

Easy-peasy, we will opt to go out of network! All we need is for the primary doctor in Pinellas County to send in an authorization request. Unfortunately, this is not a quick process, but, while we were waiting for that request to clear, the insurance company called to say that my parents were eligible to change companies as of August first.

Great! Now we are getting some where. We got the insurance agent over to sign them up with a good policy that would cover the specialist and since the 1st was less than a week away, I felt good about getting that elusive appointment.

But wait, more red tape!

We can’t even make an appointment until August first. Once the insurance is activated, then we can call back and make the appointment and hope that it will be soon.

Through this whole process, we have lost 2 weeks of valuable time and still waiting. We are in insurance limbo.

What a nightmare!

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  1. What a mess hope it all works out soon


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