Well, we are at the end of our visit with the boys and the finale was a day at Legoland.

I purchased all of our tickets online and I just printed them out and avoided any long lines at the gate. We were able to go directly to the turn style, scan our tickets and enter the park.
I got one child ticket free with the purchase of an adult ticket, that saved me $65.00.
I got the discount info here.

Because my oldest grandson is 14, I needed to buy another adult ticket so I searched for discounts and found the best deal on Legoland’s website.

Not only was it $10.00 off, but it also included entry into the water park.

I did have to upgrade the other 2 tickets for $12.00 each so that we could go to the water park too. You can do the upgrade at guest services or at the ticket booth by the water park entrance.

I paid $12.00 for parking so the grand total just to get into the parks tally up to $198.64 for 2 adults and 1 child.



So, what did we get for our money?

Most of the rides are geared for the younger kids since this park is for ages 2-12, but my 11 and 14 year old grandsons had a good time riding all of the roller coasters.



There are Lego statues everywhere and we had to touch every one of them.



They even had a life size SUV made out of Legos.


The miniland is amazing, it had famous cities and landmarks built out of Legos. The boys said that was the best part of the park for them. I thought it was incredible too, but my only criticism would be that there is absolutely no shade what so ever in that part of the park.




To cool off a bit, we went inside a store where the boys were able to build their own mini figures. You can build 3 for $10.00.


The water park is from the old Cypress Gardens but they added a Lego theme and it was nice. We got in the wave pool and the lazy river. They have a wonderful water structure for the younger kids that has smaller slides, levels you climb up, water guns you shoot and a huge bucket of water that dumps on you when it is full. My 11 year old grandson loved it. They also have several watersides for the older crowd that the boys loved. My camera was in a locker so I didn’t get any pictures inside the water park.


We didn’t eat at the park because I had read lots of negative reviews about their food so we packed our lunch and were going to have a picnic outside of the park. As it turned out, we didn’t even eat until we were on our way home.

The boys were a bit disappointed in the Big Lego store but we were able to find them some kits that they can put in their suitcases. I thought there was a big selection of Legos to choose from but I have to take the opinion of the experts!


So, the verdict is in.

Drum roll please.

They loved it!

Disclaimer, I am in no way getting paid or have been contacted by Legoland to write this review.

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  1. Wow. I don’t have a lego lover, nor have I ever been a lego lover, but Legoland makes me want to be. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I am sure you created some wonderful memories.

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