Change Of Plans

I went to the Orlando International Airport this morning to pick up my son and his family.

I specifically got their early so that I could people watch.
I had already decided that my post today was going to consist of pictures of some of the colorful people that you see walking through the airport. I scouted out the perfect seat that had a clear view of everyone coming and going and I just knew that I would have lots of material for my blog.

Oh yes, here comes my first subject now, a kid with a bright orange mohawk. I got my iPhone out to take the picture but I quickly realized that I couldn’t discreetly get a good picture. I tried to be sly but even then, the flash would give me away. I chickened out.

I was able to catch one guy off guard.


Just kidding! This is a wax figure in a glass case. He looks real though doesn’t he?


OK, change of plans Since I couldn’t get any “colorful” pictures, I decided to go for cute.

These are my 2 grand daughters that will be visiting for the whole week.


I hope everyone has a good weekend, I know I will!

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