Is Your Child Ready For The Real World

Wednesday’s Wonderings #1

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday and all of the graduation ceremonies taking place right now, it makes me wonder:

Are you preparing your kids for life after graduation?

Kids usually emulate their parents. It only makes sense because in essence their parents actions are teaching them how to react in certain situations. Also, the standards that you were raised with generally become the standards that you raise your family by.
That is why it is so very important that you teach your child very good values and lead by example. This “do as I say and not as I do” mentality is only teaching them your bad habits when they grow up. I am a firm believer in giving a child a good, solid foundation and when push comes to shove, they will fall back on what they know. They may stray for a bit but they will eventually come back to what has been instilled in them from early on.
Are we teaching our kids what they need to take with them when they step out on their own?
I am starting a series on preparing your child for the real world and I will be posting this series every Wednesday.
I want to touch on subjects such as:
* Being a child of God
* Problem solving
* Handling money
* Being responsible for your actions
* Don’t smother
* Giving back
I hope that you will join me and I welcome any comments or suggestions along the way.

Series 1 Child of God
Series 2 Problem Solving
Series 3 Handling Money
Series 4 being Responsible For Your Actions
Series 5 Don’t Smother
Series 6 Giving Back

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