Party Favors and Place Cards

I like to set a formal table for our Easter meal. This year is special because we are having a large gathering, with family members from both sides. And the best part is that I am using china that was passed down to me, both from my Mom and my Mother-in- law. It is amazing how both sets match so well and are interchangeable, and have PINK in them. Anyway, I will post pictures when the table is set, but today I wanted to show you what I made to place at each setting.
I found these adorable water bottle bunnies at Happy Clippings and I knew they would be perfect to make as place settings.
If you go to her website, you can download the free printable for this project.
So, the first thing I did was to drink lots of water! Lucky for me they are small bottles. Then remove the labels. I filled the sink with hot soapy water to soften the glue. Next I scrubbed each bottle with olive oil and then put them back in the soapy water. Now get some peanut butter and scrub each bottle again and then dunk one last time in water to wash off all oil and peanut butter. I don’t know why this works or how someone came up with this method but, the glue is gone.
I printed the free printable plus, I made some individual name tags to put on each bottle. Now, draw a face on the bottle with a Sharpie and hot glue some wiggly eyes. Also, hot glue a small paper cup to the lid and tie a ribbon, I put a tab of hot glue on the ribbon as well to secure it in place. Fill your bottles with candy and your done. Check them out, they are so dang cute!




I also made these simple favors to give everyone. I saw this idea on Pinterest but there wasn’t a link to a website to give credit.
I designed my labels in my photo program, put some peeps in a snack size Baggie and stapled the label to it. Don’t you just love it!




We are going to the beach for a few days, with family, during Easter week and the girl next door stays at my house to dog sit. I made her some special treats from Marley.


My guests will be here in 2 days, I pray they have a safe trip!

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  1. Shye

     /  April 4, 2012

    OMG, I love them that is such a cute idea. I can’t wait to see the table all decorated. You are one creative lady ❤


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