A Way To Stay Organized

As a way for me to stay organized, I make myself a lot of lists. So, as I was considering what projects I would like to get done this year, I got out my trusty pen and paper and started listing them, in no specific order.
Check out my list:

1: I want to use the same glass mosaic tiles that I used in my master bathroom to tile the tops of the tables that I use as nightstands in my bedroom.
2: I want to make something to attach to my bed, on both sides, to organize the remotes, tissues, etc.
3: My recipe file is a mess, I want to get all recipes sorted and filed.
4: I want to make some pillow mattresses for all of my grandkids.
5: I need to redo my linen closet. It is the only one that never got painted. I also need to add more shelves and organize it better.
6: I need to reorganize the closets in both spare bedrooms to make them more functional. And, since I am a ” dishoholic”, I need more places to store all of my thrift store dishes.
7: I want to redo my laundry area. I do not have a laundry room because I have an older Florida home and they put the washers and dryers in the garage back then. I am fine with that but I just want to define the space better, if you know what I mean.
8: I want to personalize Marley’s eating area to make it more “his own space”.
9: I want to rethink all of my passwords. I want to redo all of them with a system that will make them all similar and unique at the same time. I also want to keep a list of them on file.

Wow, I can’t believe that I came up with that many “things to do” just off of the top of my head. I am sure that this list will grow as time goes on.
I will keep you updated as I work on this list and I will post each project when it is completed.

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  1. Sounds like you have some fun projects on your to do list. I’ll look forward to your updates 🙂


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