Kitchen Makeover

Well, I didn’t get to post my results of the kitchen makeover on Friday because the Capt. surprised me by coming home early and taking me out to dinner.

So, today we end the tour with the kitchen and dinning room makeover.

This was such a huge undertaking because we started by taking up the tile floor and didn’t stop until the ceiling was redone!

As you can see, this is truly a 70’s decor. What color did I decide to paint my new kitchen you ask? You are going to think I am crazy but I painted it Yellow! I know, I know, one would have thought that would be the last choice after living for almost 2 years with all of this yellow, but hear me out. I was going for a bright, whimsical cottage feel and the buttery soft yellow that I found was perfect.

OK, so now that I got that off of my chest, let us continue. After removing cabinets that separated the dining room and kitchen and the “cove lighting” ( for you youngins it is fluorescent lighting that lines the ceiling), we opted to keep the rest of the cabinets because they were custom-made out of real wood.

We just painted the cabinets white and splurged on granite counter tops. We also removed the yellow formica backslash and replaced it with small white tiles.

The dining room doesn’t feel so closed in now but I did have one more issue, the wall of mirrors. I hated it! Until my sister said to put my china hutch on that wall to soften it, plus that was the only place in that room where it would fit. So that is what I did and what a difference. That wall is one of my favorite features now because it makes the space feel much larger than it really is. (Is that a ghost I see in the glass?)

I have always wanted those pretty glass doors that hide the glasses but since we were keeping the original cabinets, we had to get creative. We discovered that the middle piece of the door was a separate piece so the Capt. was able to remove it and we replaced it with some of that plastic ( that looks like glass) for fluorescent lighting. That was easier said than done and we used several pieces of plastic until we got it right. But, I love the look!

I am also in love with the french doors in the dining room that open up into the lanai/pool area. I had always wanted a set of french doors so you can understand my gasp when I saw them in this house.

This is where the whimsical comes in. The door leading to the garage was an eye sore and I kept wishing that I could put a single french door there to match the set leading to the pool. But, since it goes out to the garage, I didn’t want to be able to see out the door. I thought about maybe frosting the glass but then the light bulb finally went off. I know, sometimes it takes a while! I decided to paint a faux french door and I am crazy about how it turned out.

Now, back to my yellow walls. I painted all of the walls with an eggshell paint and then proceeded to tape off stripes using painters tape. Once all of the stripes were taped, the Capt. was hyper ventilating because after all of the great work he had done, I am now turning the area into some kind of circus. Oh yee of little faith! I then painted the untaped areas with the same color paint in a high gloss finish and walla, a subtle, whimsical striped wall that the Capt. now really really likes.

The last thing to show you is Marley’s space. When we removed the cabinet separating the 2 rooms, we had an odd end that was hard to get too. You know these old cabinets, plenty of room but no way to get to it, back then they didn’t put carousels in the corners. So, since we needed a place to put the dog dishes, we the Capt. opened up the end of the cabinet, put in a sliding bottom and now the food bowls are out of the way. I do have some ideas in mind to spiff this area up a bit and make it his own, but I will save that for another post.

This ends our tour, thank you for visiting my humble abode!

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  1. I just found your blog tonite…and I’m loving reading it.
    Your kitchen looks fantastic. Your love of yellow, explains why you haven’t changed it up til now… How about those harvest gold appliances?
    I love how you filled the holes in your doors and moved the hardware. Very clever.

    glad I found you! Pat

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